Laser pointer device for use in a laparoscopic surgery procedure


A laser pointer device for use in a laparoscopic surgery procedure using an optical device, comprising: a laser for pointing a laparoscopic surgery target; a fitting for attaching the laser to the optical device; a user-operated controlled switch for remotely activating the laser pointer wherein the laser fitting is detachable from the optical device. The laser fitting may comprise at least one fixation point for attaching to the optical device and the switch is arranged for being coupled to a handle of the optical device.

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The present disclosure relates to a laser pointer for clinical practice, in particular, a laser pointer for an optical device used in laparoscopic surgery procedures.


A61B 18/14

G06F 3/0354

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November 12, 2020

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United States Patent US20220226063 – Pending
WIPO WO2020225792 – Pending


Pedro Leão
Ana Cristina Ribeiro
João Vilaça
Nuno Sousa


University of Minho