A reconfigurable voltage controlled current-voltage source device and digital-to-analog converter comprising it


The object of the invention is a reconfigurable voltage controlled current-voltage source, which comprises two signal inputs (voltage or current) and a single signal output (voltage or current). The circuit of the invention allows, in a simple way, that the source output, controllable by the input voltage or current signals, be reconfigurable as voltage or current, using a single circuit and the same electrical and electronic components, being this the differentiator characteristic relatively to the state of the art. The invention further comprises the use of the reconfigurable source in a digital-to-analog converter (DAC). With the invention, the existence of DACs with voltage or current output no longer makes sense, as both types can be replaced by one whose output is reconfigurable, which can be of voltage or current type, thus allowing to reduce costs and, furthermore, expand the number of applications for a given DAC.

Technical Field

The invention can be used in all electronic circuits, systems and equipment that require controlled
voltage or current sources and digital-to-analog converters, as for example in:

  • industrial analog output modules;
  • biasing and control of power amplifiers;
  • processes control;
  • industrial instrumentation and automation;
  • automatic test equipment;
  • HART networks.



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Publication date

March 4, 2021

DPI Status

Portuguese Patent PT3602230- Granted
German Patent No. 60 2018 011 659.1– Granted
French Patent No. 3602230 – Granted
UK Patent No. 3602230 – Granted


António Egídio Guerreiro e Silva

Nuno Miguel Ferreira Miranda

Luís Miguel Mendes Moreira


Polytechnic of Leiria