Device For Laser Skin Treatment


Device and operation method thereof for laser skin treatment of skin features extending along a path, in particular veins, by collaborative motion between an operator and a robotic support, comprising: a skin, in particular vascular, further in particular vein, treatment laser head having a laser beam target line, and a robotic support of said laser head; further comprising, attached to the laser head or to the robotic support where the laser head is supported: a camera for capturing skin surface images, one or more handles for handling by the operator, a force sensor for sensing the intensity and direction of force applied to the handle or handles by the operator for controlling the robotic support, and an electronic data processor configured for carrying out the steps comprising: capturing an image of skin surface comprising a skin feature to be treated; identifying, from said captured image and proximal to where the laser beam target line intersects the skin surface, the path of the skin feature to be treated; applying, through the robotic support, a transversal force, to the laser head along a transversal direction to said path and towards said path; while allowing freely controllable movement of the robotic support by the operator along the direction of said path.

Technical Field

The present disclosure relates to a textile contractible band for use in a wearable garment for applying pressure to a subject body part, comprising a shape memory material, in particular a shape memory alloy, SMA, or shape memory polymer, SMP, part.


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April 1, 2021

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United States Patent US20220339465 – Pending
WIPO WO2021059255 – Pending
European patent EP4034015 – Pending


João Luís Araújo Martins Vilaça
Bruno Miguel Gomes Oliveira
Pedro André Gonçalves Morais
Fernando José Da Silva Veloso
António Herculano Jesus Moreira
António Lúcio De Azevedo Miranda Baptista
Jaime Francisco Cruz Fonseca


Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave