Device and method for blood analysis by image processing


The present application describes a new device and method of use thereof, which allows identifying certain antigens and antibodies present in the blood. The device of the present invention is a closed device consisting of two parts, wherein the upper part has a chamber surrounded by LEDs illuminating the analysis plate, which is supported by the rotating platform. In turn, the rotating platform is connected to a motor that will promote the rotation thereof for mixing reagents with blood. After a period of time, the camera will capture and send the resulting image to a computer program that will analyze the sample, using image processing techniques.

Technical Field

The present invention relates to a device for detecting immunological agglutination. More specifically, it is a device that enables detection of the different blood groups, as well as certain blood diseases via agglutination of blood cells by image processing techniques.

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October 10, 2014

DPI Status

Portuguese patent PT107064 – granted
United States Patent US20160035090 – granted
United States Patent US20190272637 – granted
European patent EP2985590 – granted
WIPO WO2014167496A1 – granted


Ana Patricia Da Silva Ferraz

Vítor Hugo Mendes da Costa Carvalho


University of Minho