Cap With Retractable Electrode Pins For Use In EEG


Cap for use in electroencephalography, EEG, of a subject, comprising: a plurality of a dry EEG electrode, an internal elastic cap for supporting said plurality of electrodes, wherein the dry EEG electrode comprises a support member which is attached to the internal cap and, wherein the electrode comprises a plurality of retractable electrode pins for contacting simultaneously with the EEG subject, wherein the retractable electrode pins are attached throughout a surface of said support member. The support member may be pivotably attached to the internal cap or the flexibility of the internal elastic cap is such that the electrode is able to pivot about the surface of the EEG subject. The internal elastic cap may be of an elastic fabric. The support member may be releasably attached to the internal cap. The support member may comprise a male- female snap fastener for fastening the plurality of retractable electrode pins.

Technical Field

The present disclosure relates to a cap with retractable electrode pins for use in electroencephalography (EEG).


A61B 5/0478 2006.1

A61B 5/00 2006.1

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Publication date

April 18, 2016

DPI Status

WIPO WO2016166740 – Pending


Nuno Sérgio Mendes Dias,
Francisco José da Silva Pinho,
Nuno Jorge Carvalho Sousa


Universidade do Minho