Adaptive Control System


The present invention relates to the field of electronic devices for controlling electromechanical systems, such as electric motors or internal combustion engines. It thus concerns an adaptive control system designed to be installed between a sensor and the electronic control unit that processes its electrical signal. By adapting the transfer function of the sensor over a scale from 0% to 100% of its value, in its useful range of use, the present invention allows to adjust, limit, or control the operation of a given electromechanical system without resorting to reconfiguration and/or reprogramming the electronic control unit. The present invention combines the diagnostics and embedded control capabilities with the inherent reliability and speed of response of analog controllers.

Technical Field

Control of motor vehicles (electric or combustion) and industrial machines. Vehicle rental companies for driving experiences (buggy, motorbike, karts, etc…).



Publication number




Publication date

December 20, 2018

DPI Status

Portuguese Patent PT115221- Granted
German Patent DE112019005245- Granted


Carlos Daniel Henriques Ferreira

Diogo Duro da Costa

Carlos Fernando Couceiro de Sousa Neves

Luís Miguel Pires Neves


Polytechnic of Leiria